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Caspian Grill--Plantation, FL

I recently took a "friend" to the Caspian Grill in plantation, just west of Ft.lauderdale. So, I decided to give it a review, since I am so spoiled from my mother's cooking.
These are the dishes ordered;

Ghormeh Sabzee, Kabobeh Barg, doogh, and halva.

Well, the ghormeh sabzi was a little different than how my mother makes, it, it had alot less dehydrated lime in it, so it had no tangy flavor, which in my opinion, makes the flavor. The cut of the greens were very fine, which leads me to believe someone hand cut the greens, and boiled them themselves, vs. using frozen prepared stuff. Other than the lack of tangyness, it wasnt bad.

The Kabob was a real dissapointment though. It was any kind of skirt steak i ever seen before. But they sell it as such. Now, what makes this meal, is the way its marinade. You cut and tenderize the skirt steak, and then you chop a big onion. Now you mix the onion, steak, salt and pepper, and two limes or lemons. Let it sit in the fridge overnight.......the acids almost cook the steak by morning,....now you throw it on the grill. Their version was imitation skirt, and it tasted like they cooked it,, then put lime on it. There was a lack of skewered tomatoes served with it as well. Way too little for the $15.95 charge.

The doogh was carbonated, but otherwise it was fine.

The best part of the meal was the halva. Very sweet, very firm, and very "homemade".

My recomendation, if you want persian deserts, go to the Caspian Grill, if you want a real persian meal, go to my Mom's house.......lol
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